Venues and Photography

Cy-Hope now has two venues available for leasing for your special event - the Cypress Alamo and Hope Lodge!

The Cypress Alamo's facade is an exact replica of the facade of the Alamo in San Antonio, with plenty of room inside - dinner for up to 150 seated guests.

Hope Lodge is an actual log cabin for casual events. It can seat up to 90 guests and has an adjoining patio with additional seating.

Both venues offer lots of outdoor space, great photo opportunities, and free parking. Email to inquire about touring or leasing our venues.

Event pricing and information.

Check out our venues facebook page!

Click here for a map of the Cy-Hope headquarters campus.

If you would like to use our beautiful grounds for taking photographs, please email to schedule your photo session, complete a waiver and release form for yourself and each visitor, and consider making a donation to help defray the cost of keeping up our surroundings.

Rules for Taking Pictures on Property:

  • We ask that you schedule each photo shoot date and time as far in advance as possible.
  • We ask that you and your guests park in the large parking lots on the left side of the road before you get to Cy-Hope property.  I've attached a property map and the lots are labeled #2.  (Map Here)
  • We ask that you stay on our property which begins at The Alamo on the right side of the road, continuing to the workshop and road behind the tennis courts.  On the left side of the main road, we own all of the ponds and pathways, bridges and the gazebo.   We do NOT own the little western town behind the Alamo.   
  • Everyone in your session must complete a release form (Liability Waiver Here)
  • We ask for a small donation from the heart to help us defray the cost of keeping up our beautiful property.   You can donate online at HERE.  (Suggested donation of $20 minimum.)
  • We either need your form prior to the photo session day (you can email a signed copy to or drop off the copy at our Counseling Center, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or you can also send the forms completed by your group after the photo session.
  • Cy-Hope has the right to refuse your request for photography now or in the future.