Stories of Hope

Angel attended our Windfern Hope Center from day one. He became an intern when he turned 16 and just recently turned 18 years old. He still comes and volunteers at the Windfern Hope Center and is now graduating high school. We are so proud of him! Genna Peard, our Hope Center Director, received this text message from him before graduation: "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you're invited to my graduation party my Mom is having for me. I just hope y'all can be here on this day with me because that's all I wish is for y'all to be with me on that day because y'all were the ones that kept my head up and told me to stay in school. I wouldn't have accomplished this and wouldn't be here today without y'all, so thank y'all for being part of my life, and thanks to y'all, I'll soon have my diploma." - Angel

- Angel, Hope Centers

“The Hope Center is a very special place to me because I have met people that are special to me. I have been coming to the Longhorn Hope Center for 8 or 9 years. I like that it gives people education and we can learn there. I have learned to like one another. Camp is my favorite thing because at camp we get to learn new stuff every day like about Jesus and stuff and we get to do new activities every day.” -Lina from the Longhorn Hope Center

- Lina, Longhorn Hope Center, Hope Centers

Gustavo is one of our original Windfern Hope Center kids that started coming to the Hope Center when he was around 3rd grade. Now he is in 9th grade and invited our Assistant Hope Center Director to come to watch him compete in a JROTC competition. He is marching with Varsity as the commander of the JV color guard. We are so proud of our Hope Center kids who are stepping out and becoming leaders in Cy-Fair ISD!

- , Hope Centers

This is such a blessing. I am a single mother and make just enough to support my kids. I technically don't qualify for any government assistance because of my gross income, which after taxes and insurance, net is just enough for my kids to have a stable decent home…When we found Cy-Hope for his counseling, I was so happy. We decided to see an intern counselor because the cost and also I thought my son would relate to this counselor much better.

- Nicole Boyles, Counseling Center

Click here to listen to CFISD's 2019 Mentor of the Year, the late Jim Irwin, tell the story of his work to impact the lives of at-risk students.

- Jim Irwin, Ambassadors of Compassion

“This letter is to thank you for giving Matzke Elementary the opportunity to be part of the Dierker’s Champs Baseball League this spring. I have to admit – initially I was a bit reluctant to get involved. As the only full-time counselor in a school of 1000 students, I already felt pretty stretched when you first invited us to participate. Given my limited time and multiple responsibilities, I wasn’t sure if organizing and administering a baseball team was the best way for me to meet the needs of our students. After our experience this spring, I can only say that I have become a total believer in the Dierker’s Champs program and what it can do for at-risk students. So much good has come out of our school’s participation. I have watched students who I knew felt unconnected at school establish a sense of belonging from being part of the team. I have seen students who I knew felt unsuccessful at school grow confident from their sports experience. I have grown to love the enthusiasm and excitement the boys and girls exhibited this spring and the pride they took in being part of our school team. In many cases our players forged new connections with their teachers who made a point of attending games and supporting their students. As a school we forged new bonds with the families of our players. And maybe best of all, we all had fun together. I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the benefits our at-risk students have experienced from being part of Dierker’s Champs. I no longer have any doubt that my time as “team mom” was well spent. Watching our students grow in confidence and connectedness has been an amazing experience and I truly believe their participation will have a very positive effect on their lives. Thank you again for giving us this opportunity and for all you have done to support our staff, our families, and our students. We hope to be part of the Dierker’s Champs organization for years to come!”

- Heidi Rothschild, Matzke Elementary School Counselor, Dierker's Champs

"Dear Coach, Thank you for teaching me about success. I appreciate you telling your past to show me what you have been through to teach me that I can do the same. I appreciate you teaching me so intelligently and motivational. The way you greet me is not like any other teacher. You greet me like I am a powerful person. You make me feel more powerful every time I meet you every Friday. You treat me like I'm a champion; you give me that confidence to work."

- Ambassadors of Compassion High School Student Mentee, InSchools

"First of all, when I was on the field playing for Dierker's Champs it made me feel like I was a player. Also, it made me feel like I can play baseball for my entire life. Finally it made me feel like a true member of the team. Second of all, when I'm at home it makes me feel that I can learn it at home than just learning school work. Also it made me feel that I can watch baseball a lot at home."

- Stephen Telles, Dierker's Champs

“This help meant so much to my parents. They were so upset that I wasn’t going to be able to take dual credit classes because we simply couldn’t afford it. Cy-Hope lifted that burden off of their shoulders. These courses have been very helpful. I have completed some core classes for college and have many credits. I feel well prepared for college and have learned that I must work harder.”

- High school senior Yareli Gutierrez, "POP" Providing Opportunities Program

“This opportunity means a lot to my Mom because she is proud of me for trying so hard in school and doing the best I can. She thinks it’s great that I am getting some college classes out of the way without her having to stress financially. If it weren’t for Cy-Hope, I would’ve probably let this opportunity go, and I wouldn’t have taken these classes. I like that I will be somewhat prepared for university, and I will be a semester or two ahead of everyone else. This has helped me because it takes four and a half years to be an engineer. And, now I can do it in four years.”

- High school senior Alexandria Rodriguez, "POP" Providing Opportunities Program

“That I was given the opportunity to take this course means a great deal to me. Because of my family’s financial situation, I have been seeking ways in which I can minimize the cost of my going to college, and the dual credit course, in addition to the Cy-Hope Scholarship, has been incredibly helpful. I cannot express how grateful I am. Taking this course has only cemented my plans to go to a college and earn at least a Bachelor’s degree as I now have a greater chance of paying for my college tuition with as small a debt as possible.”

- High school senior Dawn Yang, "POP" Providing Opportunities Program

From the Cy-Fair Lifestyle & Home November 2013 issue: CY-HOPE DONATIONS SUPPORT MUSIC INITIATIVES IN CFISD. Local nonprofit organization Cy-Hope, whose mission is to make life better for children in the Cy-Fair community, presented grants to support three music initiatives in Cy-Fair ISD - $3,900 for an initiative to provide clinicians and master classes for band, choir and orchestra students at secondary schools with 60 percent of students qualifying for free or reduced lunches; $2,649.47 to develop a “Science Rocks!” curriculum integration initiative that will serve all 53 elementary schools; and $3,000 to support perpetuating the annual Elementary Choral Festival, a memorable performance experience for more than 300 fifth-grade students at the Berry Center.

- Publicity, Devine Virtuosos, a Cy-Hope music initiative

“I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" for all you and The Foundry and Cy-Hope have done for our kids this year. We appreciate all that you do...not just purchasing the material things that make our campus more fun for our students, but the thoughts, prayers, and time that volunteers have devoted to preparing for events also means so much to us. We are truly blessed!”

- CFISD Principle, InSchools

“I was walking through the cafeteria today with my Cy-Hope shirt and a student that lives in Windfern started talking to the kids at her table. She kept pointing to me and was in a serious mode. I walked closer to hear her conversation. She was going on and on about the Cy-Hope center. She had the attention of eight 1st graders. It was the cutest thing ever.”

- CFISD Principle, Hope Centers

“I've helped coach one of the T-ball teams through Cy-Hope and the experience still impacts me today. It was amazing to see the pride the kids took in wearing their uniforms and the confidence they gained throughout the season. I think it is great that Cy-Hope and CFISD can work together in the interests of the kids as school districts can't do it alone. Keep up the great work!”

- Volunteer, Dierker's Champs

"This is such a blessing. I am a single mother and make just enough to support my kids. I technically don't qualify for any government assistance because of my gross income, which after taxes and insurance, net is just enough for my kids to have a stable decent home. I have been praying that I would be able to send my child to some summer camp but it's hard to come up with just enough to send him... I am so happy that he is able to attend this camp. Thank you so much!"

- Nicole Boyles, Camp Lemonade

One of our Backpack Program Drivers recounted the following exchange after picking up his food bags from Cy-Hope. He has a small car, so it was crammed with food in the trunk and back seat. He drove through Starbucks to get some coffee before delivering the food. The Starbucks Barista handed him his coffee and asked – “Are you with Cy-Hope?” He told her he was and delivers food to two schools each week. The Barista said, “Thank you so much – my child receives food at Bane – it gets us through the weekends and is so appreciated!”

- Volunteer, Backpack Program